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Festive Holidays Gourmet Basket

Festive Holidays Gourmet Basket

Christmas is a time when dreams come true, which is why this basket is one of our most popular holiday gifts. It possesses the craved, decadent tastes of dreamy, artisan cookies, chocolates and coffee that are skillfully crafted using only the highest quality ingredients. Perfect for spreading holiday magic to family, friends, and clients, this basket is a Christmas wish fulfilled.

Baskets will include items such as:
* 1 oz. Mocha Mix
* 2 oz. Godiva Coffee
* 1.5 oz. Coffee Master Coffee
* .5 oz. Wolfgang Puck Coffee
* 5.3 oz. Coffee Candy
* 1 oz. Cookie
* 1.4 oz. Cookie
* 1.76 oz. Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
* Single Biscotti
* 1.5 oz. Coffee Candy
* Chocolate Spoon

Tiger Lily Floral reserves the right to substitute product of equal or greater value.

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